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Thomas C. Vasquez Photographer

Originally  from South Texas  now Dallas Tx is my home. I have been djing for over 20 years I have been married to my beautiful wife Marcy for over 20 years

my favorite team Dallas Cowboy I'm very happy to be a part of Tejano to the Bone family. 

I;m 100% Tejano & Proud

I have been djing for 28 yrs. People know me as "Jammin J Martinez". I love all types of music but most of all, old school tejano.  I am currently hosting the morning show, it's a big opportunity for me. Hopefully you will enjoy my show. I would like to thank my wife and family for being very supportive. She was always there when i needed her, encouraging me to get better so i can get back on my feet and walk.

J. Martinez : Morning Show
Tues & Thurs 9 am - 12 pm
Evening Show : Thurs & Friday 6 pm - 9 pm cst.
Email : jmartinez@tejanotothebone.com

Tejano Paul : Cruda Sunday Show

9 am - 12 pm cst

Email : djtejanopaul@yahoo.com

Monday  - Wed

6:00 pm - 10pm cst

Sundays - Crusin Sunday

3:00pm 8:00pm

Email : stevied.rincon@yahoo.com

 I started in 1984, I will be celebrating 30 yrs of  djing and continue to push forward Tejano/Conjunto. Thanks to all of my Family,Friends
& Fans for all of your support lets continue the party.

Anita Rodriguez


I am happy to be a new member of Tejano To The Bone. In the past I was a Team Member of another Internet Station, where I helped in Promoting and Marketing as well as did a few on the spot Interviews with Artists. I look forward to working with Tejano To The Bone and am excited to see what the Future Holds. Que Viva La Musica Tejana!

Tommy Guns is my name in the Industry. I pride myself in taking pictures of Artists and their Fans. As well as create Flyers, Invitations and other information that is needed at an Event or Celebration. Look for me on Facebook and You Tube. The only thing I ask is- If you use one of my pictures please leave my name on it.

Stevie D.Rincon...over 30 years in the Music Industry... Worked and still working with all the big Tejano Stars...Stevie D..still ROCKING Quinces..Weddings..Etc...Now with TEJANO TO THE BONE...ITS BEEN AWESOME!!!!...

Tejano Joe : Morning Show
Monday - Friday
 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm cst
 Email: tejanojoe@tejanotothebone.com

I want to thank all of you for tuning in to the show!!
It's been 4 yrs and its been a great ride so far .
I enjoy all music ,but since i was a kid, Tejano music has been my favorite and still is. I always wanted the opportunity to host my own morning show on a Tejano station,and thanks to DJ Whataburger who gave me the opportunity, I can now enjoy that.
Here on my show i try to give you a variety of tejano music,entertain you as much as i can,get your opinion on different subjects and interview different artists. Thanks to the show,I've been able to grow a friendship with alot of djs,managers and artists.